Cubimon HD  //  Now in HD exclusively for the iPad


Cubimon HD is the High-Definition version of Cubimon with improved artwork and gameplay.

The game consists of a moving square matrix and you need to align elements with the same color together to clear space.

If you are not quick enough and run out of space you loose the game!

Challenge increase as you clear elements from the matrix and pass levels, for each level a new element appears with more restrictions. You need to plan quickly and carefully as the complexity of the puzzle increases and become more restrictive. Cubimon comes bundled with funny music themes to absorb your mind into the game for a better entertaining experience.

Cubimon HD guarantees hours of continuous and insane fun!

Game features include: - Level synchronized music! Music speeds up and synchronizes with difficulty level. - Multiple combos. - Special elements as difficulty levels increases. - Multitouch support! Drag more than one element at the same time. You can even play with both hands! - Fast-forward the game and speed up the action! No need to wait! - Game pause support. Pause your game if you need to breathe! - Global Hi-score leaderboard. View your best score, combos and how many cubes you have cleared. Be the number one player! - Interactive help. - Different artwork themes switch. Choose between classic or scary cubimons theme!

Cubimon HD Cubimon HD Cubimon HD Cubimon HD Cubimon HD

Riktigt kul spel som verkligen är värt 7 kr (!) som dessutom är gratis just nu för att det är Halloween! Är dock inte så svårt i början och bara två teman med ett läge, bra i alla fall! Ladda ner!

To the developer:

Great game! Would be fun if you could make more new themes and stuff, and how about special items, like a bomb ( if you get three bombs beside eachother they explode and all near blocks too). And how about some rainbow-blocks that match every colour? ;)

Keep up the good work!

Martin Göranson

Cubimon HD gamer